New Firmware Version 1.11 Now Available for Philips DPM8000 Series Digital Pocket Memos

DPM8000 Image

The best just got a little better.  Speech Processing Solutions just released Firmware Version 1.11 for their DPM8000 series of Pocket Memos.  Firmware v1.11 contains 4 enhancements along with 11 bug fixes and improvements.

Applying the firmware update is a piece of cake, simply connect your DPM8000 series Pocket Memo to a computer loaded with Philips SpeechExec Pro v7.5. Upon connecting the device, the application will automatically launch, go to Settings > Update.  There, you will see a [Check Now] button, which will automatically download the update then walk you through the steps needed to apply it.  Alternately, you can CLICK HERE for access a direct link to the update.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what’s available in Firmware Version 1.11


Increased Battery Life – The device display will turn completely off after two hours of continuous recording to reserve battery life.  Simply moving the device will turn the display back on.

Advanced Menu Scrolling – A new wrap-around feature has been added, which means users can jump to the top or bottom of a list by pressing the (-) & (+) buttons.

Hands Free Recording & Transcription with Auto Backspace Compatibility to Digital Desktop LFH9750 – Essentially the DPM8000 series has adapted the exact same behavior of the old LFH-9750 digital desktop machines in regards to the automatic backspace feature when using hands-free.

USB Connect/Disconnect in Hands Free Recording & Transcription Mode – If the docking station is connected to a computer, users can now switch the LFH-2210 (optional add-on) foot pedal between USB and Hands-Free Mode.


  1. USB 1.1 Support
  2. WorkType defaults to last used when using mandatory input is enable
  3. Record LED flashes in Voice Activation Mode when threshold level is too low
  4. Voice Activation threshold levels are now displayed in Classic Mode
  5. End-Of-Letter is disabled when in Transcribe Mode with a Foot Pedal connected
  6. Data-list now accepts single digit items
  7. Resolved inactivity settings when PINs are used
  8. Implemented Beep Notification when in hands-free mode
  9. PIN is no longer required immediately after being unplugged from a USB port
  10. Resolved job-number / file-number naming issue
  11. Corrected file-length information in DSS Header

 Those of you looking for complete details are encouraged to read the release notes available on the Philips Partner Portal.

Although last, the corrected file-length is probably the number one reason users should apply this update ASAP.  As a repair technician, I’ve come across a small number of units that experienced freezing issues.  Further investigation revealed the cause of the freezing was the mismatched information in the DSS header.  We ran this update on a unit experiencing freezing and are happy to report that Firmware v1.11 resolved the issue and brought the DPM8000 Digital Pocket Memo back to ELECTRIC status where it belongs.

Until next time…