Get to know the CES Team, below is a short bio for each of the Certified eSupport Team Members.  We look forward to serving your Speech Recognition and Voice Processing Needs.

Joshua Stewart | Branch Manager


Joshua Stewart has over a decade of experience supporting and educating the Voice Processing & Speech Recognition Dealer Channel in North America.

Joshua leads a team responsible for implementing all technical service activities for the company, including: certification training, product integration, technical writing, product evaluating, concept design, integration support, and hardware repair.

With Certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, West Law, The Pacific Institute, Philips Speech Processing Solutions and Nuance Communications, Joshua has been chosen by several companies as the “good-to-guy” for the education, training and implantation of their products.

Joshua’s greatest strengths are his creativity and ability to present material in a simplified manner. His humor and personality make the learning process fun and informative.

Vince Bailey | Sr. Technical Product Specialist


Vince Bailey has over 20 years of experience supporting, testing and training enterprise level software products.

Vince has been responsible for training Dragon VARs with exam preparation and for over 3 years, he specializes in consulting on product integration and implementation.

His greatest strength is seeing the big picture and recommending the best solution based on asset allocation.

Marco A. Sanchez Jr. | Technical Product Specialist


Marco A. Sánchez Jr. has over 10 years of technical experience.

His responsibilities include supporting, training and consulting Digital Dictation and Transcription dealers in English and Spanish. Additionally, Marco tests, evaluates, trains, and demonstrates new and current dictation products.

Having recently added digital dictation equipment repair to his black belt, all challenges are welcomed.  He specializes in providing the most efficient customization and solution to Value Added Resellers and their customers with a professional and upbeat personality.

Madison T. Maze | Technical Product Specialist


Madison Maze has over 14 years of technical experience, is a professional artist, business owner, and COMPTIA Certificate holder.

As a Masters Candidate from Santa Monica University, Madison has a background in international law and counseling psychology.

Madison’s greatest strength is his ability to be both creative and analytical simultaneously, allowing him to reduce complicated subject matter into fun and accessible media.

Dominique Carpenter | Technical Product Assistant


Dominique Carpenter has been assisting the technical division for the last 2 years.  Dominique is currently attending Austin Community College seeking a BA in Computer Information Systems.

His responsibilities include logistics, testing, evaluating and diagnosing voice processing devices by Philips, Olympus, and Sony.  Dominique assists the technical team in fielding support calls, creating support tickets and performing hardware repair for our North American Dealer Channel.

Dominique’s greatest strength is his ability to work well under pressure, allowing him to maintain a sense of calmness while effectively resolving the issues presented.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.  We don’t meet expectations… We EXCEED Them!