Dragon Medical Practice Edition Version 2.1 | Now Available

DMPE v2.1

Nuance Communications released a patch for their leading speech recognition and reporting solution, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Version 2.0.  The patch will bring you up to Dragon Medical Practice Edition v2.1 and was originally released on December 3, 2013 then again on December 10th with a few revisions.

The DMPE v2.1 patch is only available to users running DMPE v2.0.  The patch includes two software installers, DMPE 2.1 Update Installer and Dragon Client for Remote Desktop installer.  It’s important to note that this recent patch is not supported on computers running Windows 8.1.

The patch can be found within the application by going to Help > Check for Updates; however, myself along with a few co-workers, encountered issues while trying to update using the Dragon installer, therefore, I recommend that all users download DMPE v2.1 from the eDist FTP site or from the Nuance iSupport Portal.   Keep in mind that both sites will require valid login credentials.  Contact your dealer for additional access.  As part of our white glove service, we will be happy to download and apply the patch for all active Certified eSupport Tiered Members.

The patch includes 13 Fixes and addresses one known compatibility issue.  Below is a quick synopsis of the 13 Fixes included in Dragon Medical Practice Edition v2.1.  Complete details are included in the release notes, which are part of the update. Users can also search for Solution 14640 on the Nuance iSupport Portal.

  • Issue 15174 – Resolved issues with PowerMic II that blocked PC restart
  • Issue 15213 – Resolved reported crashing following MSI installations
  • Issue 16499 – Resolved jumping cursor issue within EMRs
  • Issue 16500 – Updated EULA to include Dragon Medical reference
  • Issue 16775 – Resolved exceptions in Dragon log after ACO/LMO
  • Issue 17404 – Resolved known issue with Cerner
  • Issue 17498 – Disabled playback when Allow Voice Dictation Commands was disabled
  • Issue 17499 – Resolved issue with formfiller.exe
  • Issue 17562 – Bluetooth microphone can now be used as a USB Dictation Source
  • Issue 14364 – Resolved variable issue within AllScripts
  • Issue 18232 – Resolved field complete option
  • Issue 17406 – See Issue 17407
  • Issue 17407 – Resolved macro use within RDP

 There it is, a quick breakdown of what DMPE v2.1 is all about.  I recommend that all users apply this patch at your earliest convenience.  Although most users probably haven’t experienced any of the issues listed above, it’s still best practice to keep your software up-to-date.