Dragon Medical Practice Editon 2 and Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac 3 splash screens

Dragon Medical: Windows vs Mac

This resource is intended as a quick-and-dirty list of major and minor features found in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 (for the Windows platform), but not in its Mac counterpart, Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac.
  1. Aside from English, also supports several other major languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch.
  2. Takes full advantage of all of the capabilities of the Nuance PowerMic II. Includes an integrated panel for button configuration.
  3. Supports the Philips SpeechMike Air (LFH3000)—a powerful Bluetooth handheld microphone with programmable buttons.
  4. Lets you skip training during profile creation.
  5. Notifies you if you have volume or background noise issues when dictating.
  6. Includes “Hidden Mode,” which allows you to dictate into an invisible Dictation Box and transfer the text while you work in another window.
  7. Allows corrections via keyboard for profile adaptation.
  8. Finds all the instances of a search phrase in your document and tags them by number (for easy selection).
  9. Restores to available backup profiles.
  10. Handles multiple vocabularies on one profile.
  11. Includes built-in medical templates.
  12. Provides extended medical formatting options.
  13. Allows for variable fields in templates, providing the opportunity to navigate quickly and choose values.
  14. Lets transcriptionists access dictations without loading a profile.
  15. Features an option to import/export user profiles.
  16. Bundled with the Auto-Transcribe Folder Agent for transcription of audio files.
  17. Runs step-by-step commands, for automating all sorts of sequential tasks.
  18. Supports networked (roaming) profiles, so that clinicians can move between computers while still using the same profile.
  19. Complies with Section 508 regulations.
  20. Checks for a multi-core processor and runs in multiple threads when available.
  21. Encrypts custom macros (templates, commands, etc.) for privacy and security requirements. User must enable.
  22. Shares custom vocabularies, words, and commands via the local network (using the Data Distribution Tool).
  23. Set up to run batch files through NS Admin.
  24. Engineered to execute Visual Basic scripts. Note that Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac does support AppleScript.
  25. Silent install via .MSI is supported.

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