Can Dragon® Dictation Yield Ski Vacations?

The Gift of Time

As a technical support and service organization, our mission is to give clients “the gift of time.” That’s our way of saying that we help you use speech solutions to dictate more efficiently. What we’re hoping is that you get to transform that saved time into more patient care, more family moments, and more enjoyment.


“Saving a Job”

I once worked with a clinic office manager who only needed a little assist in getting past a specific installation hurdle. It didn’t seem like a big problem at all; but she told me, somewhat in jest, that I “saved her job.” For her, it was a black-box mystery. For me, it was as simple as identifying the issue properly, resolving it, and then getting Dragon Medical installed on her computer.

Within the same week, I tutored a doctor on how to correctly use his Dragon templates. This provider knew about the auto-text feature, but didn’t fully understand the way that it worked. Because of this knowledge gap, he was adding unnecessary time back into his patient documentation process. All it took was a brief training conversation to help him get back on track.


Proving Useful

Even when a medical device rep comes to you see you, you generally let them deliver their spiel and show you how their product works. Why shouldn’t the same principle apply to a speech recognition system? Instead of leaving you to figure out what to do once the software is installed, you need a demonstration from an expert. You need training to put all of Dragon’s features to use.

While Dragon can save you time, you could be missing out on some important dictation shortcuts. Our technicians can help you create a new documentation routine, setting up workflows for each of your speech recognition processes. We’ll train you to use Dragon for all types of patient notes, working with you to optimize common scenarios. And if your reports are repetitive, ask us to show you how to create custom templates. You may actually only need to dictate a few unique words.

Dictation is a big part of what Dragon does, but there are sub-features that should also be taken into consideration. Depending on your medical specialty, you may find that you want certain words capitalized and abbreviations spelled out. Your EHR might not accept Greek characters. You may even need to add some words to your vocabulary. We’ve got you covered.


Hitting the Slopes

As we train you to master the basics of Dragon dictation, as well as take advantage of time-saving templates and macros, you’ll start to see the benefits of using speech recognition. One of them will be a sense of relief, as you catch up with all of your charting—but the major gain you should be able to realize is time.

If this survey is true, many of you want to use that extra time to go on ski vacations and visit relatives. Based on industry news, and firsthand testimony, we know that some doctors “chart from home, or come in on their days off.” We’d like to help you leave the office when you’re supposed to, completely finished practicing medicine for the day.

Whatever you decide to do with the extra time you gain—with the help of speech recognition tools and training—your documentation workload is manageable.

Ready for That Ski Vacation?

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