Question:  When attempting to run Release 5 software, an unexpected error occurs.  What do I do to get more information?

Answer:  When you get the following error: 


Put on logging using the prolog tool.  It is located under program filesOlympusDSSPlayerPro.  Look for the file DSSProLogTool.exe and run it.  Click a check mark on all just to be sure you get everything.  Because the module is failing to start you will not get all the logging but get what you can.  Minimize the logtool and attempt to open the R5 software again.  This should generate some log files. 


The log files will be generated in whatever directory is specified in the Output path.  You can either alter the path or go to the path under documentsDSSPlayer to get the logs.  These should give a better indication as to what is happening other than error occurred (which tells you absolutely nothing).   The first log file to check would be the Dictation or Transcription Module log file.  Search the text file for errorrs or exceptions thrown.  At that point you can either search our Knowledge base or google depending on whether it is a windows issue or a R5 DSS PlayerPro error.p3
For instance the following log file generated indicates a windows error.

This is a Windows 7 problem.

The PC does not have Arial fonts registered on it.

Check the C:WindowsFonts folder forArial.ttf” if exist. I don’t believe it does.

  • From another Windows 7 PC, copyarial.ttf” stored inC:WindowsFonts” to a removable disk.
  • Copy thearial.ttf” to theC:WindowsFonts” of the problem PC.

The TM should start normally. Just an Example
Source: In house testing and Digaulle Elhaje from Olympus Imaging America Inc.