In Dragon NaturallySpeaking v11.5 & Dragon Medical Practice Edition v11, you have the ability to customize the enrollment process; the benefits of customizing the text is that it allows you more flexibility in determining content, it helps promote your companies qualities and simplifies the enrollment process.  This guide will show you how to customize the training text.  Illustrated screen shots have been added for your convenience.

STEP 1: Create Customized Text

1. Open Notepad and create the document you wish to use as the training text in Dragon.  The text should be approximately 1700 words.  Be sure to keep all text viewable on the screen and be sure to separate each paragraph with a space.

STEP 2: Save the Training Text

Once you’re created or decided which text you want to use for Dragon training, you’ll need to save it properly.  For this step, we will save this document in two different locations as two different file types. 

NOTE: You will have to unhide protected operating system files in order to view the necessary directories.  This can be done through your Control Panel > Folder Options > View

IMPORTANT: Please do not attempt this customization unless you’re an advanced computer user.  If done incorrectly, you have the chance of crashing your computer.   

1. Within Notepad, go to File > Save As

A Save As dialog window will appear.  For this location, we will save this document in the following directories:

[Windows XP] C:Documents & SettingsAll UsersApplication DataNuanceNaturallySpeaking10DataTrainingEnx

[Windows Vista & 7] C:UsersAll UsersNuanceNautrallySpeaking11DataTrainingEnx

File Name: Save the file with a similar name to the other enrollment files.  I recommend naming it [data77.bin]. 

Save as Type: Select [All Files] | Encoding: Select [ANSI]

2. Click [Save]

You will be brought back to your Notepad document.  Now we will save it to our desktop.

3. Go to File > Save As.  A Save As window will appear.  This time, save the document to your desktop.

File Name:  You can keep the same file name.  In our case, it was [data77]

Save As Type: Select [Text Documents (*.txt)] |  Encoding: Select [ANSI ]

STEP 3: Scan Document using Accuracy Center

1. Open Dragon and go to Help > Improve my Accuracy. 

2.  Once the Accuracy Center opens, select [Learn from specific documents].  This will open the Add Word from Documents wizard, select [Next]. 

3. You will be prompted to Add Documents.  Select [Add Document] to browse your Desktop for the Data77.txt file you just saved in step 2.

4. When the Document Analysis window appears, click [Next] to continue with the scanning process.

5.  Continue selecting [Next] until the process is complete.

NOTE: If Dragon finds any words that it’s unfamiliar with, it will ask you to train the words.  I would recommend training the terms.  This will ensure that Dragon knows the pronunciation of the words during the training process.

STEP 4: Edit BIN Directory

We will need to edit the directory in Dragon so that it will include our story as an option for available training text. 

1.  On your computer, navigate to:

[Windows XP] C:Documents & SettingsAll UsersApplication DataNuance NaturallySpeaking10DataTrainingEnx

[Windows Vista & 7] C:UsersAll UsersNuanceNautrallySpeaking11DataTrainingEnx

2. Here you will see a full list of the available training options available in Dragon.  You should now see your [Data77.bin] file in this list.

3.  Once confirmed, we will focus on the following three files:

  • Enroll0.bin (This contains the list of available training scripts for the initial enrollment)
  • Enroll1.bin (This contains the list of available training scripts for the additional training option)
  • Enroll2.bin (This contains the list of available training scripts for Recorder training)

4. Choose which list of scripts you want to customize and open that script in Notepad.  Once open, add the Title and bin information about your training text to the list and save.

For this guide, I will use the following: eDist – Doing Business Just Got Easier (Medium Reading: General)

5. Once you have edited the proper enroll bin file, click [Save] > [Exit].

6. Open Dragon, go to Help > Improve my Accuracy.  Once the Accuracy Center opens, select [Read text to train Dragon to your voice].  There, you will find your custom training script available on the list.

Congratulations, you’re done!

Verification Source: In-house testing

Test Date
: 2.3.12